Monthly Archives: May 2005


It looks like this blog is not going to have an amazing success! Why? People don’t want to share ideas? In a research-driven world, it’s safe. It’s a little sad, though, because our caucus members are very different from one another and everyone could benefit from hearing from others. We have students, teachers, teacher educators, people in K-12, people in higher ed, people in IEPs, native speakers of English and nonnative speakers of English, people from all kinds of cultures, languages, countries… I looked at TESOL’s statistics, recently, and was amazed at how few members are from outside the US and Canada. We might be the caucus with the highest number of international members. At least we should be.

So, we need to share our thoughts and ideas on how to work on this. Maybe not ideas about presentations, since we don’t want other people to use our original ideas, write the same proposal, and compete against us. But we could share thoughts about this caucus, what we like about it and don’t like, what it should do and doesn’t, what we want to make it, how it could better serve its members, who we are and what we do, etc. I receive letters from people from all over the world who are obviously members of this caucus and I can’t put a face to their names, I don’t know if I’ve already met them, and I don’t know if I ever will. I wish I knew who everyone is, and I wish you did, too.

Anyway, enough rambling for today. I think I’ll come here from time to time and just talk to myself and to whomever comes around here. Here’s a picture of me, for those who have never met me at a conference, with my brother, who lives in Switzerland, the sister who lives in Italy, and the sister who lives in Michigan. That was last year in Paris. I’m the one with the reddish hair. Send me your picture and a little bit about yourself if you want, and I’ll put it here.