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Lawrence Zhang

Dr. Lawrence Jun Zhang is Associate Professor of Language and Literacy Education/Applied Linguistics & TESOL in the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy and Associate Dean of International Strategic Engagement for the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand. His research program spans cognitive, linguistic, sociocultural, and developmental factors in reading/biliteracy development, critical reading awareness in language education, metacognition, self-regulated learning (SRL) and reading development in L1 and L2 contexts, bilingual/biliteracy acquisition and bilingual/biliteracy education in primary and secondary schools, and learning and teaching English as a second/foreign language at university settings, the effects of self-regulated reading- and writing- strategies-based instruction (SBI) on bilingual/biliteracy development, and teacher identity and cognition in language teacher education.

Dr. Zhang was a Post-Doctoral Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford Department of Education. He was the sole recipient of the TESOL Award for Distinguished Research 2010-2011 awarded by the TESOL International Association, USA, for his paper published in an SSCI-indexed journal of the field, TESOL Quarterly, 44(2), “A dynamic metacognitive systems perspective on Chinese university EFL readers.” As one of the leading scholars in the field of TESOL, he has served the profession as an editorial board member for several international journals, including TESOL Quarterly (SSCI), Applied Linguistics Review, Metacognition and Learning (SSCI), and RELC Journal. He has also been a frequently invited manuscript reviewer for leading journals in the field. [] | September Interviewer:  Ana Solano-Campos

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