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Icy Lee

Icy lee has taught in Hong Kong and Vancouver, Canada. She has worked in Douglas College and Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), Institute of Language in Education (currently Hong Kong Institute of Education), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, and the University of Hong Kong. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses she has taught include ELT methodology, academic reading and writing, written and spoken discourse, language assessment, classroom communication, teaching and learning of reading and writing, and action research. Her publications have appeared in more than ten international journals, including Journal of Second Language Writing, Canadian Modern Language Review, Assessing Writing, System, Teacher Education Quarterly, ELT Journal, TESL Canada Journal, English Teaching Forum, Modern English Teacher, and The Teacher Trainer. She has served on the Editorial Advisory Panel of ELT Journal and is currently a member of the editorial boards of Journal of Second Language Writing, Assessing Writing and TESL Canada Journal. Email: | January Interviewer: Davi S. Reis

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