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Elisenda Maroon


Elisenda Maroon was born in Barcelona, Catalonia. She is Catalan, and is trilingual in Catalan, Spanish, and English. She graduated from the English philology department of (UB) Universitat de Barcelona. After graduation, she has taught English in five different high schools. After passing competitive and rigorous government exams in 2011, she became a public high school English teacher. At present she is a “provisional” teacher;  it means that she has not been assigned to any particular high school permanently, though she will always be assured of a position in some high school. So far since she passed the exams in 2011 she has taught at two high schools.  Last year she taught students aged 11 – 16 in INS Roda de Berà in the village of Roda de Bera.  She hopes in the next school year that she will be assigned to a high school nearer to Reus in Tarragona, where she lives at present. Elisenda has been teaching English in primary and high schools for ten years.  She has also taught adult classes in private academies from time to time.  She also volunteers at eTwinning (http// which provides great opportunities for her students to use English.  While she has never lived abroad, she spent 15 days participating in a government-supported program for teachers in Totnes, United Kingdom. Elisenda participates in one or two EVOs organized by TESOL each year.  In 2009 she participated in the NNEST EVO.  Elisenda’s email address is | October interviewer:  Terry Doyle

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