Welcome to the Non-Native English Speakers in TESOL (NNEST) of the Month blog, endorsed by the TESOL NNEST Interest Section!

Find non-native and native speakers who share interests in NNEST, teaching, and world Englishes issues.  Our guests are people just like you: graduate students, novice instructors, or experienced teachers with passion in the teaching of ESL, EFL, or Applied Linguistics.

The goals of this blog are to show the many faces of educators from different countries who promote professional equity in the teaching community, celebrate the triumphs and dedication of professionals, and create an open space for discussion on the NNEST movement and its impact on the preparation of future instructors and the teaching of language and culture.

The NNEST of the Month blog is composed of very dedicated interviewers from different countries and professional backgrounds. They are passionate in the teaching field and very committed in bringing readers inspiring, thought-provoking  and informative interviews.

You are welcome to leave your impressions, post questions to the guests, and also, make suggestions of future guests under “Leave a Reply.”   For more information about the NNEST movement, please visit the official website of the TESOL NNEST Interest Section at http://nnest.moussu.net/.

Thank you for your involvement and support!


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